Home Tester Club is home of the most authentic peer-to-peer discussion about grocery brands.

A highly engaged online community of shoppers having genuine product experiences and sharing their unadulterated opinions. For marketers this makes it an exceptional source of consumer truth, making for highly credible ratings & reviews, word-of-mouth and UGC campaigns. Shopper testimony in its purest therefore most trusted form.


What sets Home Tester Club apart?


Precision targeting

Ensuring your products are put into the hands of the right consumers at the right time.


An open forum platform

Fostering unbiased, honest feedback and enable genuine peer to peer conversation.


A global community

Spanning sixteen countries, and counting, offering greater efficiencies in campaign cost, replicability and production speed.


A turnkey solution

From initial briefings through to eventual results presentations. 


Live dashboarding

Clients to access a password-protected portal, monitor every step of their campaign and take a deep-dive into data and insights. 


Production resource and expertise

Amplify campaign results and content, through social, TV and POS. 


Check out the site that has millions of grocery shoppers talking.